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We are a London city based IT training company, providing instructor led, quality IT training either at our fully equipped IT training Centre near Moorgate, Bank or Liverpool Street, or at client premises. Our flexible approach to training means our comprehensive list of IT training courses can be tailored to suit your training needs. The Training team specialises in delivering a comprehensive range of customised Microsoft, Adobe and bespoke IT courses.

The trainers have practical and in-depth understanding of office software and expertise in how to effectively transition clients between versions. Our company philosophy is that training should be integrated with business performance; delivering a clear, measurable and tangible contribution through learning.

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This site is dedicated to Microsoft Database Lots of useful free advice how to do's and practical examples you will find a vast range of user guides to help you perform task with in Access-Database if you are looking for training Click here or view the course outlines this will take you to our partner site Catraining.london.

Our trainers are so dedicated the content here is supplied by the staff at catraining.london, we hope you find it of use please take time to look at our other help sites listed below clicking the icon will take you directly to that help site, enjoy and share with your friends and colleagues. Click Here to jump straight to the help files.

Microsoft provides quite a few prebuilt database templates to assist you in jumpstarting your database development process. In this tutorial, we'll walk through the process of creating database using these templates. we will be putting this tutorial on our help files pages and more.

It’s very tempting to simply come up with something off the top of your head and run with it, but that’s not a great practice. Either you or your successors will curse the difficult field names you created down the road.,my advice on creating logical, consistent names for database fields, tables, reports, and other objects. See our Help Files...